Health testing, socialization programs, behavioral
enrichment – we do it all to help make it easier for you to
find a puppy that’s ready to join your home and family


We exclusively partner with humane breeders committed to both parent and puppy welfare, rewarding breeders doing the right thing by their dogs


We work exclusively with breeders that are Canine Care Certified®, the most thoughtful and well-researched dog welfare standards in the industry


From health testing to social programs to feedback from customers, partners and veterinarians, our breeders are experienced and equipped to ensure your puppy is ready for you

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We don’t stop after you buy your pup – our breeders are committed to their customers and dogs and will work closely with you to help make sure your pup is settled in and adapting appropriately



1. Make Sure you’re ready

Ready to rub bellies and pass out treats. More seriously: ready to give your new buddy the attention he or she will need, especially as a pup. Raising a dog is not a decision to be made lightly – there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. But don’t worry, there are also a ton of great experiences ahead that make it all worth it. Just be sure to do your research and prepare for everything in store!

2. Find “The one”

Right breed. Right size. Just the right amount of fluff. You’ll want to make sure your puppy is a good fit for you in terms of lifestyle, activity and overall temperament and even any potential allergies you may have. If you’re a homebody, there are breeds that tend to also be! There is a puppy for everyone out there – it’s just a matter of exploring and finding “the one.”

3. Decide on Travel

2020 has thrown everyone for a loop – even our pups. We’ve changed our travel options slightly until the world reopens fully but don’t worry, as your pup will still be traveling first class. Little Big Pups is a no-cargo carrier, meaning your pup flies with us in the cabin to meet you rather than in the cargo component of an airplane. Get the full download on how puppy travel works in a COVID world here.

4. Begin Planning

Bowls. Collars. Leashes. Toys. Doggy college funds. You’ll need it all. Once your purchase has been confirmed, we’ll send over an email and schedule a call to confirm the date, time and location at which you’ll meet your pup. In the meantime, begin planning your puppy’s big welcome, including their first vet visit.

5. It’s time

It’s time. Your puppy is here. Before you get too far on those beach walks and park runs, make sure to get your pup over to your vet. Not only will that qualify our guarantee but your vet will become one of the most important relationships for your pup as they grow.

6. stay in touch

Finally, stay in touch with us and spam us with photos of your pup. Our breeders love seeing and hearing about their pups well beyond the sale. More importantly, let us know as you have questions along the journey of puppy parenthood. Our breeders breed for temperament as much as they do health, so constant feedback is always appreciated!

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