We’re here to partner with and promote America’s most exceptional dog breeders and drive the world of breeding to new standard highs.


Our breeder network is made up of experienced, Canine Care Certified® breeders dedicated to their dogs, their customers and the advancement of dog welfare standards and breeding practices. Committed to building upon their decades of experience, our breeders work alongside experts across canine welfare specialties and veterinary partners to continuously improve their skills and elevate the expectations and standards of other breeders. In other words: they’re seasoned, they’re on top of their game and they’re helping improve dog breeding across the country. While we agree that there are great breeders out there currently not part of the Canine Care Certified® program, we believe that Canine Care helps further differentiate breeders and establish a baseline that helps customers further vet the care provided by and quality of their breeder.

From genetic health testing to social enrichment and behavioral programs, our breeders go the extra mile to best ensure your puppy is healthy and ready to join your family. Our breeders are here to help answer any questions you may have about your pup, both before and well after your purchase.


Born out of Purdue University and formulated by Dr. Candace Croney, Ph.D., Canine Care Certified® (“Canine Care”) is one of the latest scientific developments in the canine welfare space purposed for the validation, standardization and improvement of breeding dog welfare. The program leverages years of existing and ongoing canine research to form welfare standards that guide and improve the physical and behavioral health of both puppies and adult dogs alike. Standards and criteria within the program are oriented around five primary pillars of care: physical health, behavioral health, environment, breeding life and caretaker expectations.

Certification under Canine Care’s standards is entirely voluntarily and designed to distinguish breeders that choose to meet and exceed criteria set forth by the program. By choosing to purchase from Canine Care Certified® breeders, customers are voting with their purchase to promote and reward breeders doing right by their dogs and the breeding community as a whole. Little Big Pups is proud to only partner with Canine Care Certified® breeders in an effort to empower and support the small but growing cohort of breeders that are working to raise the bar for the industry and the welfare of dogs across the nation.

To learn more about the Canine Care Certified® program and Dr. Croney’s work at Purdue University, please visit the official Canine Care webpage: https://vet.purdue.edu/ccc/


Hey. We’re Little Big Pups. Based on the above, you may have picked up that we’re not your average puppy website. Rather than cram this section with more words than needed and keep you from finding your next puppy, we’ll keep it short and sweet:

– We love our dogs. We really do. That’s why we’ve decided to partner exclusively with Canine Care Certified® breeders as a starting point – it lets us better ensure that the quality of our breeder network is guarded and the dogs within them are safe, healthy and happy. It’s also why we do not rely on third parties to get your pup to you: we, at Little Big Pups, do everything we can to ensure your pup isn’t lost among a handful of others in some carpool to your neighborhood. Instead, expect us chauffeuring your pup over to you with road (or sky) trip updates and photos along the way.

– We think that – with the right knowledge, right questions and, now, the right go-to website – you can buy a puppy and feel confident in where you bought from. The world of dog breeding is as variable as anything else in life: there are bad breeders, okay breeders, good breeders and then our breeders – those that choose to go far beyond what’s required of them and do more than most expect.

– We believe in never “calling it a day” when it comes to our dogs and our customers. Every day is a new opportunity to improve what we care about and what we do, and that spirit is applied to both how we raise our dogs and how we find them their homes.

There’s a lot more to come from us and our breeders as we continue to push new boundaries and better the lives of our dogs and your experience as new puppy parents. We look forward to the day we can call what we do “average,” because it will mean the lives of America’s dogs and the recognition of great breeders has only improved across the board. Until then, we’ll keep raising the bar every way we can.

Little Big Pups is your trusted partner in finding your forever friend. Working with the best breeders for the best results.

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