We’re here to help you make sure you find the right puppy for your lifestyle and that your pup is brought to you in the least stressful way possible!


Finding your pup

When deciding on which puppy to buy, it’s important to find the breed that’s right for you and your lifestyle. Certain breeds have been bred over generations for their temperaments and predispositions to certain activities and tasks. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking and you want to bring your dog along with you, a French Bulldog may not be the best fit. Before even deciding on a breed, however, there’s a hidden “Step 0” that should be included here and that’s just double-checking with yourself and your family or roommates that you’re ready to bring home a pup and give them all the attention, care and love that they’ll need growing up, especially in their early months. This will help prevent confusion and undue stress to your puppy, your breeder and yourself.

In your search for your perfect puppy, please email, text or call us if you have any questions (989-704-3232). Our breeders are always willing to answer any questions you may have as you think about whether a particular puppy is the right one for you. Once you’ve found your pup and made sure you’re ready for the excitement ahead, you can reserve your pup by clicking on the reserve button on your puppy’s profile.


Deciding on travel

All deliveries and pickups are coordinated after each purchase first with the direct buyer. Once a purchase has been confirmed, we will contact you with a handful of dates and times to choose from to receive your puppy. Delivery times are generally ~15 days after your order has been confirmed or your puppy is old enough to travel (can vary by breed and is indicated on each puppy’s profile by the availability date), whichever is later. Deliveries are typically made at your nearest major airport of choice, however if your pup is driving rather than flying, we may be able to accommodate most direct-to-doorstep deliveries.

It is important that you are available and present at the agreed upon location and time on the agreed upon date for delivery. If, for any reason, you are unable to meet us as planned to receive your pup, please contact us immediately and understand that you may be subject to fees to cover any additional administrative and travel costs associated with the delay.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to adjust our travel systems and routes to protect the health of our pups, breeders, customers and employees. The largest change has been that we are no longer offering pickups directly from our breeders in order to protect their families and dogs from contracting and transmitting the disease, per CDC guidelines. As of March 2020, our delivery options have narrowed to two options:


Delivery to You

We can deliver your pup directly to you, and when we say “we,” we mean Little Big Pups and not the lowest bidding third party. Depending on your distance from your breeder, we will fly with or drive your puppy to you. If flying, your puppy will fly with us in the cabin and not in a crate in the cargo component of the plane. If driving, your puppy will not be crated (unless requested) and will instead drive with human attention their whole way over. Most importantly? Your pup will not share space with handlers and dogs from unknown locations and with unknown, potentially contagious health issues. Our mission is to deliver your puppy to you as healthy as they left their breeder’s home and we take extra measures to do so.

Please note: As a result of COVID-19, we are unable to deliver our puppies to any locations outside of the primary 48 contiguous states of the United States.

If you are within driving distance of either Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport or Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and prefer to pick your puppy up there for a discount, please see travel option #2 below for more detail.


Meetup at O’Hare INTL. or Detroit Metro Airport

If you are near and prefer to pick your pup up at either Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport or Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, you may do so at a discounted price compared to having your pup delivered directly to you by us. Your pup will be driven to either airport by us as they would be if driven cross-country in a standard delivery.

Please note: If choosing to pick your puppy up, you will need to provide and come prepared with your own crate and / or leash and collar.

If you have any questions about our delivery process or special requests, please reach out and contact us. We will do everything we can to accommodate you in the best way possible.


health guarantee & vet health check

By choosing to buy your pup from Little Big Pups, you will automatically receive a health guarantee that covers certain health issues. Our detailed health guarantee can be found here. Your pup will come with their health certificate and records and will be up-to-date on their vaccinations and deworming leading up to their delivery.

In order for your health guarantee to be valid, you must take your new pup for their vet check within 72 hours of delivery and send us the results of the health check. We recommend planning early for this vet visit and, if possible, as soon as you’ve ordered your pup, as you will have much more time to find a vet with availability in your area compared to the availability you’re likely to find calling only 72 hours ahead. Up until your vet visit (and likely for some time after your vet visit, pending your vet’s instructions), we do not recommend taking your pup out to public parks and places as it is possible for them to contract diseases and parasites even after all the appropriate vaccinations and deworming.

Once you’ve taken your puppy for their vet visit, you should receive a summary of the health check from your vet. You will need to send the results of the health check to us at with the email titled “Health Check: <Your Name>” to validate your health guarantee. If you have any questions about the health check process or our health guarantee, please contact us and let us know.


follow up

After a few weeks and once your pup is settled in, we’ll give you a call to see how it’s going and answer any questions you may have. Our breeders love to hear the joy your new puppy is bringing to your life and provide tips and tricks to raising your new running mate. Even more so, we love to see your pup grow and reach new milestones – first fetch, first trick, first puppy cone, first birthday. Send us photos at and keep us updated on how doggy parenthood is going. Our team is always working on helpful articles and event guides for dog owners so we’ll be sure to share the love back over time, as well!

Little Big Pups is your trusted partner in finding your forever friend. Working with the best breeders for the best results.

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