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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Big Pups, exactly?

Little Big Pups markets and sells puppies as part of a network exclusively made up of Canine Care Certified® breeders devoted to distinguishing and continually improving dog welfare standards. In other words, we sell puppies bred by some of America’s best breeders, and we do it in a way that helps prospective puppy parents more easily separate the great breeders from the rest.

What is Canine Care Certified®, and why does it matter?

Canine Care Certified® is a voluntary program under which breeders are required to meet or exceed stringent and science-based animal welfare standards in order to earn their certification. Certification helps further distinguish educated, ethical breeders and provides customers further assurance that their future puppy is coming from a caring home. Canine Care and its standards were created by Dr. Candace Croney of Purdue University and can be further explored here: https://vet.purdue.edu/ccc/about.php

What happens when I buy a puppy, step by step?

We’re here to make your puppy purchase as smooth as possible, meaning that once you’ve decided on a puppy and made your purchase, we start working on coordinating the logistics to get your pup to you as soon as we can. For a more detailed overview of our process, check out our process here: How It All Works

Is there any type of guarantee on the puppy I buy?

Yes. All puppies sold by us come with a health guarantee, the details of which can be found here: Guarantee Terms and Conditions

How can I be sure this is legitimate?

For whatever reason, pet scams have been on the rise as of late. It’s important to be aware and careful of who you’re deciding to purchase your pet from. Generally, scammers will request payment in the form of a check or wire, making it difficult (and virtually impossible) for customers to chase down refunds once the scam has been made apparent (please note, however, that the request to send payment by wire or check is not an indicator of fraud in of itself – plenty of reputed breeders request payment through both mediums as they may be more convenient for the breeder). Instead, we work with reputed payment processors that protect both the customer and merchants (our breeders) through secure payment portals.

Another good way to see that we’re real? Give us a call during business hours at 1-877-870-5740. Want us to call you instead? Send us an email at contact@littlebigpups.com or text at 1-877-870-5740. Our breeders have been doing this for a long time and are always happy to speak with aspiring puppy parents to help answer any questions you may have.

How come you don't request deposits on your puppies? It seems that most breeders do.

There are two ways breeders can make sure their puppies aren’t being reserved in bad faith: (1) require a deposit or (2) charge a cancellation fee on a reserved puppy. We secure our puppies with a cancellation fee to prevent customers from reserving multiple dogs and cancelling their reservations after the puppy has been delisted. If you purchase a puppy and cancel your purchase before delivery, we may charge you a fee of up to $725 to reimburse our breeders for their delisting and additional administration fees (not including additional travel costs if your puppy has already left the breeder’s home for delivery). In certain cases, if a puppy is cancelled in order to purchase another puppy and the first puppy has not shipped, the cancellation fee may be waived. Please be sure to contact us before cancelling so that we’re aware of what’s happening and we can confirm whether the fee can be waived or reduced!

It is important to read the details surrounding what happens if you cancel a reservation in our full sales terms here: Sales Terms and Conditions

The guarantee says that I need to take my pup for their vet visit within 72 hours of delivery but this does not seem like enough time to schedule and complete the visit. How am I supposed to do this within 72 hours, exactly?

You’re right – most vet visits cannot be scheduled 72 or fewer hours ahead of the day and time you need. This is why it is important to schedule your vet visit as soon as you’ve purchased your pup, as it will take us ~15 days or more (depending on your puppy’s age at time of purchase) to get your pup to you, giving you plenty of time to find and schedule your vet appointment. You should not wait to receive your puppy before scheduling your vet visit, as it is likely you will not be able to schedule a visit with your preferred vet in time and your guarantee may expire as a result.

I will be a first-time dog owner - will I be offered any sort of guidance by Little Big Pups on what to do?

Yes. In addition to receiving a welcome packet and steps necessary to introduce your new pup to your home, Little Big Pups and your breeder will continue to be a source for information and help well beyond you receiving your puppy.

With that said, it is important that you as the upcoming owner of a new puppy not only familiarize yourself with the logistics of taking in a new pup but also fully absorb and appreciate the responsibility that you’re taking on by becoming a dog owner. Little Big Pups and your breeder are not substitutes for preparation and research going into your decision to buy and raise a pup.

Do I get to meet my breeder? Will I get to meet my puppy's parents?

Before COVID-19, the answers were yes and yes. However, due to the pandemic, our breeders have closed off visits to their homes for their own safety as well as that of their dogs and their customers, per CDC guidelines. Customers are welcome to speak with breeders by phone, as well as have the chance to see their puppy’s parents (and even siblings!) through other mediums, such as web cam video. We hope for and look forward to the end of the pandemic, as breeders enjoy welcoming customers to their homes to fully present what makes their breeding programs so special!

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